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His companion then sprang to the platform, and proteated against the high-handed action of the police. He, toe, refused to give hla name and address, and we arrested. At the Central Police Station later Jamee Crtghton McPhee, 19, and Frederick Page Wills, 21, were charged with refusing to give their names and addresses to the police, and with having obstructed the traffic. The few Communists present were highly Indignant at the arrest of their comrades by "the tools of the capitalist organisation.

The Labour party and the capitalist machines, they said, were permitted to "spring their dope," whereas the Communist were being hounded off the streets. As each speaker became Increasingly vehement he appeared to become Increasingly apprehensive of arrest, and the more violent speeches were at times punctuated by long pause, while the speaktr watched the police wiiu snxivui eye. The three Communist who will contest the Flinders electorate at the coming municipal elections addreaaed tha meeting.

Their speeches, however, contained few references to municipal anairs, out dealt cruelly with Rus-rla, "the workers' paradise. It was announced on Saturday that a meet' tng of the A. For the Maoqnarle ward Mr. Kama had already been selected, and on Saturday the executive selected two additional canaiaatea, Meaar. For the Olppa ward Mrt. Cochrane bad re ceived endorsement, ana tn aaaiuonai canm-date choaen on, Saturday were Meaar. Moate, secretary of the Stewards and Pantrymenl Union, and Mr.

After having aat for three day at a Royal Commlaalon to Investigate allegations concerning bribery in connection with the Inquiry by the Parliamentary Account Committee Into the claim of wire lea broadcasting companies. Chief Judge Dethrldge adjourned the proceed ings at Canberra to-day. When the inquiry wa resumed this morn ing Harold K.

Jone director ox tne Commonwealth Investigation Branch said that, acting In conjunction with hla officers In Sydney and Melbourne, be had triad to trace the man aald to hart Intel viewed Mr.

Oreen at Parliament House, Canberra, on February 4. He did not know the identity of the man. Inquhiea were still being made. Oreen had known before March 28 that Mr. Coleman had been selected to go to Geneva, but the disclosures were not made until April MattiMi in which Mr. Coleman would be placed by a late exposure.

The delay haa reauitea in uniairues. Menatea for Major Conder sub mitted that the onus of prooi was on Mr. The story 01 we aiiegou. Oreen'a story waa utterly In- nn. No trl' bunal would convict Conder unlest It waa satisfied that Oreen wa a man of honour. Oreen had taken lettera of Introduction to Conder'a friends, from whom he had received courtesies, and to whom he had said that Conder wa a good fellow.

That branded Oreen as a cad. Oreen had traded on Conder'a friends In order to do Conder an Injury. A man who would do that waa not worthy of respect. Was there any reason to doubt that he could be called quite bluntly and colloquially "a cadger? He had Invited himself to theatres. Oreen had displayed a want of perception about what waa due to other people.

Unless further developments occur, there Is not the shadow of a real case against Mr. There la a suggestion, but that suggestion doe not make any part of a eaae. McTlernan aald that bit Honor would find It difficult to believe that Mr. Oreen had teen the man at Parliament House at 1. If It la an invention. It Is a malicious Invention, but what motive would he have for Inventing either the Incident about Major Conder, or the one about the man at parliament House? Once I And an adequate motive tor inventing the story about oonaer 1 anan have no difficulty In finding a motive for the other, but.

I can see no motive of any kind for either. Oreen waa in a very cool ana reaervea conaiuou at uic time. If he had been I think be would have dealt with It very differently.

Owen aald that he agreed that the onus of proof waa on Mr. If the indictments that Mr. Oreen had related had not really taken place, then Mr. Oreen was not only a liar: The statement by Mr. MenrJes that It was ridiculous to suggest that the offer had been made In the lounge of a hotel cut both ways.

Oreen wanted to fabricate a story, why did he choose the lounge of the hotel? Why did he not choose some occasion In an office and say that the offer had been made there?

Because he had his wife to ay that she had seen them together In the hotel lounge. Owen submitted that If anyone had been expected to offer a bribe It waa Conder. Oreen wa the man on the committee who waa adopting an aggressive attitude, and If a bribe waa going to be offered to anyone Mr. Oreen waa the one to whom H would be offered. Owen aald that If the conversation between Mr. Oreen and the man at Parliament House had not really taken place, it would be difficult to conceive of a more diabolical plot, and he asked hi Honor to nnd tnat the conversation had taken place.

The further proceeding of the Commission will have to stand over to ome day to be announoed. The partiee will be communicated with If any further evidence I aiscoverea. HI Honor added that he would be glad If the bank books of every member of the Account Committee were forwarded for hla perusal, accompanied by exDlanatorv notes with regard to any en trie that might appear in them. The Commission then adjourned. Premier's Reply to Owners and Men. In a statement issued on Saturday.

Bavin aald he had been Informed by a deputation representing the Colliery Proprietors and the Miners' Federation that an agreement had been arrived at for a resumption of work In the northern collieries on the term of a reduction of 13 per cent, on the wages of contract workera, and It a day on day labour.

The owners had undertaken to have the mines ready by next Wednesday. Adequate steps will be taken to see that Justice Is done to the men who have been employed there. I made It quit? I stated that this mat ter waa now unaer eonsiaertuon, ana an early decision would be arrived at. The rjoaalbilltv of a hitch In the reonanlne of tome of the associated coal mines next Wednesday arise at the result of decisions reacneo at meetings ox tot Aoeraert waget una evening.

The Aberdare men comnletned that a ntrm bar of men have been Informed they cannot be re-employed for tome week, because they object to Miner' Federation rule a to the order of eenloritv tn which the men shall be rt.

They have called upon executive of the federation to attend a meeting to-morrow morning, and It It "Understood that resolution will be moved to the effect that there hall be no return to work on the South Malt-land field until these grievanoet hart been remedied, and until the volunteer labourer have been withdrawn from Rothbury, Members of the closer unity oommrttet of the mining craft union decided to-night to Interview the ooalownera to-morrow regarding certain matters which they reautre to, be adjuttad , beiort.

The Mackay aerial survey expedition, which left Canberra yesterday morning, arrived here thai afternoon after a flight of mile tn two day, covering part of the Federal Capital Territory. The flight will be continued to Alice 8pxing and Hermannsburg to morrow. A prompt start waa made from Canberra at M0 o'clock yesterday morning, but the oil tn the englnea had become to cold overnight that after circling around the aerodrome at Duntroon, the aeroplane were forced to land again, and the engine were run on the ground for almost half an hour to heat them thor oughly.

There it no hangar at the aero drome and the machines, after having been pegged down In the open, were covered with a thin sheet of Ice on the wing and fuselage. The Prim Minister Mr. Seullin , accom panted by Mr. Seullin, tn the Australian' mad monoplane, Laaeoter, accompanied the expedition for about 20 miles toward Coo tannin dra, flying close between the Diamond Bird and the Love Bird.

The occupant in the other machine were easily visible, and before turning back to Canberra, Mr. Seullin waved farewell to those In the larger machine a the Lascoter dropped from the line, and circled feet below for the return trip. Among the large crowd which assembled at the aerodrome were the Attorney-General Mr. Brennan , the Minister for Home Affairs Mr.

A remarkable variety of country hat been traversed In the two day of flying. The first section yesterday wa to Hay by way of Cootamundra, where the leader of the expedl tion Mr. Donald Mackay owns a large sta tion. Wallendbeen, and then on to Mlldura.

Further evidence were seen of the recent floods, and glimpse were obtained of the rich. Irrigated areas of Rlverlna, but the later section of Rlverlna showed only sparsely covered grating country, where, for many mllea, there wa no sign of habitation. Thla contrasted itrangely with the view as the Murray wa erossea into victoria, and the Intense cultivation of the vineyards around Mlldura came into view.

All member of the expedition were on the aerodrome before daylight thla morning, starting the engine and warming them up to avoia a repetition 01 tne experience at uan berra. Even at 6 o'clock several hardy ner sons had come to the aerodrome to speed the expedition on it way. A soon as the sun had appeared above the horizon, the "planes took their departure, flying above the morning mist, and away to the north, where the ground became increasingly desolate until the mines of Broken Hill relieved an anedlfytng horizon.

In the Intervening country were met. That there la water beneath the sand Is witnessed by the thin lines of trees which define the course of th river unmistakably In lines of dark green on a mono tonous grouna 01 anaju. Even more arresting than the river waa the sight of Lake Frome, over which we flew for a quarter of an hour, on the way to Farina, South Australia, after having refuelled with sneu motor apirit at Broken rail.

Aitnougn the lake was SO mile In width at the place we crossed, very little water wa visible. Almost the whole of the basin waa a bare ex panse of yellow aand and ellstenlne salt. The Love Bird, flying below us, and to starboard, added an unusually beautiful touch, with her refreshing silver and blue against the gleaming aalt waste. From the stark white flatness of Lake Frome the course carried us up feet over the Flinders Range, a huge dissected tableland, whose rugged peak and deep ravine appeared to offer no harbour for miles for even the smallest aircraft.

Cloud ahadowa mottled the undulating ground beyond the range a we approached Farina, where, for the first time, we were In the atmosphere of the interior. The sun blazed hot a we landed, and the whole population of the little town wa at th aerodrome to see the huge biplane land. European and Afghana mingled around the machine, while from over the hummocks at the edge of the ground a little bunch of aborigines appeared, too shy to approach nearer.

Among them wa a lubra with a piccaninny astride her hip. Warmer days and colder- nights will be our lot aa the expedition approaches It objective. At Farina, in the Ehrenberg Range, mllea and more from Alice Springs, dilapidated 'buckboarda" renlaced the familiar red and gold Shell waggon, which we have associated with refuelling until now, and all hands had to take a turn at passing the opened tins of petrol to the pilot on top of the machine, who were filling the main auxiliary and re serve tank.

Although tiring, the last leg or a one day hop of about mllea was uneventful. On arrival at Oodnadatta. A campaign for the secession of Western Australia from the Commonwealth wa In itiated before a packed and enthusiastic audi ence in the Burt Memorial Hall on Friday night At the conclusion of a lecture by Mr.

Franklin , Senator Lynch, and other Parliamentarian were on the platform. The Premier said that Federation waa coating the But not tea than 1. Loveklo outlined objections to Federation, tueh the extravagance of the Federal Government, the unfair Incidence of the tariff on primary producing State, and duplication of services and officials.

He declared that secession could be accomplished legally and constitutionally, and explained how, in bat opinion, this could be done. The Minuter for Work Mr. Undsay also spoke In support of secession. A tneclal meeting of the committee of tha BulU Hospital, convened for the purpose of eonalderlng the adoption of the cugteated rule lorwaroea oy tne rioepitai oommiaaion to sov.

The meeting aao ptcmetea empnaneairy against Rule 1 to It. He waa previously reported to be unconscious and sinking.

He waa 82 years of age. MacDonald , in a tribute to Lord Davidson, said: Many of us miss a friend whom we reverenced. At that time people of all shades of opinion did honour to the wisdom and courage of the Archbishop In administer ing tne anaira oi tne cnurcn or England so capably during an increasingly critical period.

He waa admired for his statesmanship, his breadth of vision, and almple boneaty of purpose In matters ecclesiastical and secular. In the closing years of his primacy the prayer book controversy came to a head, and It waa one of the great griefs of his career that the measure for revision suffered so decisive a defeat In the House of Commons.

Lord Brentford then Sir William Joynaon-Hlcks , who, aa Home Secretary, was one of the champions of the party opposed to prayer book revision, recently said: Indeed, some might say, with oreat truth, that the troubles might even have led to disruption had It not been for the Arcnbianop.

A barony was conferred upon him, and he continued to exercise much Influence In the House of Lords and In Church affairs. A national gift of Baldwin when he relinquished the office of Archbishop of Canterbury.

Before being elevated to the primacy Lord Davidson had close associations with the Archbishopric of Canterbury. After holding a curacy at Dartrord, Kent, ne became resident chaplain and private secretary to Dr.

Talt, Archbishop of Canterbury, a position which he held until Dr. Talt'a death, and retained for a short time under his successor.

While secretary to the former prelate he married Edith, Dr. In he became honorary chaplain and sub-almoner to Queen Victoria, and In the following year was appointed Dean of Windsor, and domestic chaplain to the Queen, who constantly sought hla advice on matters of State. In he succeeded Dr.

Temple aa Archbishop of Canterbury. On his retirement from the office In he was succeeded by the former Archbishop of York, Dr. The Destruction of the Asia. Details of the fire on the French steamer Asia at Jeddah, carrying pilgrims to Red Sea porta, show that It waa an appalling affair.

The number of dead la not yet known, but Is estimated at from to Some of the survivors relate dreadful stories. One group of 50 pilgrims tried to escape oy an iron laaaer, Dut were oeaien back by flames. All then cut their throats The bodies remained plied up on the red-hot deck. Two of the four boats launched w swamped by a crowd of panic-stricken natives Jumping In.

Most of them were drowned. Many others refused to attempt to escape and remained In the dining saloon praying to Allah, their faces turned towards Mecca. The Jeddah correspondent of the "Petit Parlslen" pays tribute to the gallantry of two Britisn omcera or tne steamer Arabistan in rescuing terror-stricken pilgrims who had been trapped on the blazing steamer.

The officers Dlcked uo fainting nllarlma and nassed them over the aide to a boat, remaining aa calm aa ii p laying a game ox gou. Amidst the many attractions of the treat sporting season the feat of Shamrock V. News concerning the Shamrock since her launching ha been followed keenly by all seetlona of the public. Her run of successes at early regattas waa received with widespread satisfaction, raising hopea that at length Sir Thorn aa Linton haa distinct chances of regaining the America's Cup, thus realla- ingni uieiong amoition.

The octogenarian yachtsman received many congratulations on the Shamrock's early suc cesses, ne is nimseu aatisnea, ana optimistic. This la shown by a letter to the Yacht Racing Association. In which ha anortlnelv aaka that the decision giving the Shamrock a time allowance over larger yacht be reviewed In order to give her opponent a fair chance of winning first price.

Sir Thomaa point out that though her opponent are larger canvaaed than the Shamrock he realises that the latter possesses other advantage which the association had underestimated In making the Shamrock's allowance 12 seconds per mile.

Both In light airs and smart breete on every point of sailing ahe has not only held her own with larger yachts, but haa been much faster and more weatherly.

The Shamrock's weatherllness le not attributed to the use of the centreboard. Thla wa lowered on only one part of one race. The Shamrock, tn her next three races, which will be at the Solent, beginning on May Of five race In which the Shamrock waa successful she won two through her allowance and the other three without.

She has gone on Improving with each race. The tiiala have shown the Shamrock to be considerably faster. Expert opinion estimate that ahe Is aa fast If. Whether the surplus speed of the Shamrock will prove to be above the expert estimate, or whether It It sufficient to enable Sir Thomaa Llpton to win the America's Cup I a question yacht enthusiasts are aaklng, but none can anawer.

The venue of the cup races, off Newport, Rhode Island, la new. Such things as tides and prevailing winds become serious factors when one party la familiar with them, and the other side almost novices. This alone prevent expert, however pleased they have been by Shamrock's early performance, from becoming unduly optimistic StlU the Shamrock has shown by performancee that tn some weathers ahe It a better racing yacht than most others now In British waters.

Her clan hitherto ha been slower In light weather only. She haa to ahow whether aha can tend up to heavy weather. Four submarines Improved Ox leys have left rortamouin tor Hongxong. It it almost certain that the Australian submarines Ot-way and Ox ley will loin the squadron later lor training. Ma 11 The Banirat which recently struck a tub. What a wonderful celebration of Empire Day I" exclaimed one of Bradman's team mates after his grand display.

Bradman modestly travelled home In a tube train, but took a long while to reach the station through of whom fought to catch the same train, refusing to leave the carriage unUI the hero got out at St. Then Bradman, who drinks tea for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, celebrated hla triumph in the same beverage oeiore going to tne tneatre, wnere renoer entertained the Australian and Surrey teams.

The young record-breaker la a bundle of energy, and seemed as fit as ever after batting nearly five hours. Though ha was flag-slns somewhat towards the end. MacLaren'a article In the "Evening Standard. Tne surrey eleven win unaouDi' edly agree with the first two statements.

So far as his style Is concerned, Bradman has seen Macartney bat only once, witn tne ex ceptlon of Allom, the Surrey bowlers are not rated very man. Australia would nave maae anoiner du runs nao rainax adopted the right policy after hla partner had taken the sting out of the attack, but Instead this batsman, who baa every advantage of reach and strength, made no use of them. Cockney shouts 01 "Hurry up, oovnor," leu tne stoua rsu-fax unmoved. Bradman now seems certain to equal the feats of W.

Hallows, who made a thou sand runs In May, though a portion of hla runs waa made on April Surrey tuck well to the heart-breaking task of trying to dismiss Bradman. It was lust their luck that the only catch dropped should have been off the recoro-oreaxer, tnougn ne naa men passea Oregory, Banaham, and Hobbs were freauentlv aonlauded. Only those who know the tremendous distance of some of the Oval boundaries when the wicket la not pitched In the middle wlu properly ap preciate tne strength 01 Bradman nitung.

Brooks la filling Strudwlck'a shoes excellently as a wicket-keeper. Tne cricket writer or -roe observer says: Braoman a innings waa a marvellous display of clever, stylish, and almost faultless batting. The most ardent Surrey partisan could not grudge any of hla runs. Recollection of tne innings wui eiwaya ne nappy to loose pnvuegea to witness it. The attendance eventually rose to 12, The team last night were the guests of the Duke of Devonshire at "Chataworth," near Chesterfield. As a memento of the visit the team Is sending the Duke an autographed cricaei ban.

The veteran cricket Journalist, Mr. He puts bis opponents In a tangle, undermines their confidence, and then gives them their marching orders. As a spinner he Is atrociously accurate. Catton adds that If the habit of olden times, of giving great bowlers nicknames, had perslated, Orlmmett would probably have been dubbed the fox.

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