Find a fling backpage massage

find a fling backpage  massage

She then lowered her head while making eye contact and took me in her mouth. This was how she learned to broaden her horizons. In a relationship monogamous How would you best classify this hookup? For those worried that I left Kilt Man empty handed, fear not. Kilt Man and I emailed back and forth.



I agreed to that and they both took off their bikinis and began to massage my chest. My cock was standing straight up the whole time and with no sheet on me. The young redhead massaged up my legs getting within inches of my cock and would only look at me and bite her lip a bit.

They both stopped and informed me that I had about 10 minutes left and that tips were much appreciated. I gave them another as a tip. They had me get up and led me to a shower. They joined me in the shower and cleaned me up. We then went back to the massage table. What sexual behaviors took place e. How did you feel during it? How did they behave toward you?

Were they a good lover? What did you talk about? How did it end? The redhead asked me to bring my knees up and rest my feet on the table. She started stroking my hard cock. She then lowered her head while making eye contact and took me in her mouth. It felt amazing and she knew what she was doing. The blonde came over with a little bottle of lube and asked if I had ever had a prostate massage. I had not even heard of it. The blonde got down next to my ass and began to lick it while I was getting blown.

It was kind of an odd feeling at first. I then saw her putting lube on her finger and felt her rubbing against my asshole. I was kind of nervous as I had no idea what she was going to do. She pushed her finger into my asshole. It was a weird feeling then I felt pressure and I felt like I was going to cum. It was a very powerful orgasm and I felt like I came forever. The redhead swallowed it and then they left the room.

I got dressed and left. How did you feel about it the next day? Your Craigslist ad caught my eye. Having had this experience, I can tell you that it changes everything. I had no idea you could arrange and enjoy a tantric massage with such ease. Kilt Man and I emailed back and forth. Would I like to meet for coffee in a public place? Why was I interested? He attached a picture. He looked like a jolly masseuse.

My safety logic was the following: Kilt Man had been successfully advertising on Craigslist long enough to have a schtick the kilt , a perfect ad complete with illustrations and no complaints anywhere on Craigslist rants and raves had not a single mention of Kilt Man.

And he used his real name in his email to me, which I background checked. We agreed on a daylight meeting. And I asked about protection: Would you be comfortable wearing gloves? The Kilted Massage Man had a latex allergy. I spent an hour sprinting to four drug stores, three of which were sold out of the blue non-latex Nitrile gloves I sought. When I arrived, he led me to his living room, and we sat on his couch and gabbed for 40 minutes.

He reminded me of the fathers of my friends—50ish, slightly chubby, a bit dorky, friendly eyes, and inviting cheeks. Probably , with notably muscular hands, the sort you want to immediately plant on your shoulders. I had many, many questions. Beginning with the kilt. He told me that his path to becoming Kilt Man began as a year-old, when he was jokingly thrown into a river by his father and brother, landed on a rock, and left unable to walk.

His limp was consistent with this. He spent 10 years recovering, then two years in Nepal learning body manipulation from monks—and an appreciation for non-pants. Back in America, he began giving massage recreationally, and was doing so at a club one night when he was spotted by a tantra teacher who offered to train him for six months.

He now advertises on Craigslist. And 80 or so spam. Lots and lots of spam. I limit myself to two massages per week. Otherwise I get too drained. I asked more about his training. He put my hands into a prayer position and, using them as a stand-in for the yoni, stroked them, demonstrating exactly what he was going to do. Sufficiently convinced that he might know what he was doing, I set my boundaries: This was what he was planning anyway.

His partner of four years. I pulled off my robe, and we began with breathing exercises and a very relaxing minute back rub. Then I rolled over. My friends all ask the same question:

Find a fling backpage massage